Each Kick program is unique to its home city, but in all cases, the program lasts multiple weeks (most often six) and following a common “flow”:

First third:

  • Orientation
  • Setting goals
  • Organizing your plan

Middle third:

  • Validating your solution
    • Researching customer segments
    • Talking to potential customers
    • Proving your assumptions
  • Designing your “MVP” (minimal viable product)
    • Planning the build and launch
    • Or iterating if your MVP is already built
  • Fleshing out the business plan
    • Opportunity sizing
    • Competitive analysis
    • Financial planning
    • Creating a Marketing plan
    • Creating a Sales process

Final third:

  • Continued validation
  • Continued iteration
  • Learning to explain your business
    • Creating a pitch and pitch deck
    • Creating or updating your web site
    • Proving your assumptions
  • Learning about next steps
    • Valuation and fund raising
    • Building a corporate culture
    • Incorporation

Final day:

  • Telling your story on-stage