STK Global Payments
Use any currency (fiat and crypto) for retail point of sale (POS) transactions.

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STK has a vision for a global payment method. They want to move away from the traditional bank, offering secure storage and instant access and transaction facilities, but using STK tokens. They offer this through a smartphone app, known as STACK. STACK allows for the creation of a digital wallet that allows users to spend their money anywhere in the world.

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1ETH = 6,890 STK






Stack (STK) Is a new type of token that has recently been launched and that is gathering a great deal of attention. In fact, it is one of today’s most discussed ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). It is almost undeniable now that there is a future in cryptocurrency. Startup companies, for instance, can use it as a form of capital beyond fiat limitations. Meanwhile, investors are interested in crypto tokens, which they can buy with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

STK is one of those ICOs offering a range of services. Their idea is unique, because it focuses on enabling people to use their own cryptocurrency at point of sale terminals worldwide. This means it is a more practical investment type that allows for the secure storage of money in any type of currency as per an individual’s personal wishes.

STK wants to offer a real-time solution for all currencies. Access to this functionality is made available through STACK tokens. These tokens pay for the system’s operating costs. Different transactions have different prices, not unlike Ethereum’s gas prices.

Investment Potential

When people purchase a STACK token, they can instantly use POS (point of sale) facilities with merchants anywhere in the world. The tokens allow for real time exchanges, meaning it can be used anytime, anywhere. Through the tokens, transactions become borderless, cheap, fast, and secure. Uniquely, they facilitate this beyond just crypto transactions. Indeed, fiat to crypto transactions are equally possible.

It essentially requires two users to exchange information. So long as they have sufficient cryptocurrency available, the transaction can be made instantly. If using a POS system, conversion into and from fiat currencies will be done automatically, at a very low cost. Additionally, these tokens are fully ERC20 compliant, which means they can be used with Ethereum as well.

Money is stored in a smartphone wallet app, which is very easy to access. Transaction fees are based on those of Ethereum, which is one of the most affordable. Additionally, the system ensures that off-chain and on-chain transactions are equally secure.

The overall aim is to encourage cryptocurrencies to be adopted on a wider level. It is believed that digital currency will be implemented more widely into trade through this. In a sense, it is individual money that replaces traditional investments, because it is easier to manager and far more secure.


The team at STK is made up of:

  • CEO Miro Payletic, who used to be CIBC’s Program Head in Foreign Exchange. CIBC is one of Canada’s Big 5 banks. Additionally, he was involved in a digital wallet startup company, which MasterCard eventually acquired.
  • COO Nicolas Dinh, who worked for MasterCard for five years as a Product Development Business Leader before becoming Canada’s Digital Payments VP
  • CFO Chad Leger, who held Freshly’s interim CFO position and who work for the Rubicon Project as VP of Finance

The company also has a team of advisors, including:

  • Ledger Lab’s co-founder and Ethereum founding member Ethan Wilding
  • Blockchain News founder and CryptoAsset Design Group’s co-founder Richard Kastelein
  • AION’s Director of Marketing Benn Goenzi


  • The Stack team is one of the most experienced in the field. The individual members have worked for MasterCard and various other financial institutions. Through this, they also have various connections, which has so far resulted in a signed contract with MasterCard. No other company of its kind has been able to achieve this.
  • The platform wants to go beyond offering a cryptocurrency wallet and prepaid debit card. It aims to be a social network at the same time, offering a range of important elements and rich features. STK, as such, is one of the only ICOs at present that focus specifically on customer retention.
  • Miro Payletic is keen to answer questions and really knows what he is talking about, and this has filled people with confidence.
  • Visa has changed how they feel about cryptocurrency, and this has caused many people to move away from Visa. The result is that STK is now in a top position, because they already have that MasterCard contract in place to catch all of those ready to leave Visa. Indeed, WaveCrest, which works with Visa, closed all cryptocurrency cards on January 4, 2018. This has caused a knock-on effect to TenX, Tokencard, Wirex, Cryptopay, and Bitwala, but STK is immune from it.
  • STK aims to work mainly with those who already own and understand different cryptocurrencies, which means it is easy to adopt and get started.

Risk and Concerns

  • There is no evidence that there is a need for a social media network as part of the overall platform, so this will not guarantee that more people will come to STK. Indeed, there is some concern that it will lead to a significant loss of privacy in terms of who conducts which transactions and when.
  • It is one of the newest platforms out there, so it is hard to tell whether or not they will be successful overall.


By owning STACK tokens, it is possible to use cryptocurrency in the wider financial market, from online transactions to brick and mortar stores. STK is not the first to promise this, but it seems to have taken all the good things from the programs and platforms that came before it in order to create something more unique and fit for purpose. When it hit the exchanges, it quickly sold out, which is further testament to the company’s excellence and fantastic ideas. Cryptocurrency is the future and to make sure people can use them even in locations that haven’t yet adopted these payment methods, a platform like STACK is an absolute necessity. This is one platform that is almost fully guaranteed to succeed.