Do I need to be located in ___________?

Yes. Kick meets in-person, and thus you need to be in a city where Kick is offered, and physically in-person for the Kick sessions.  See here for a list of current cities where Kick operates.

When will we meet?

Each Kick program is different.  Some meet during the day, some at night, some on weekeneds.


Do I need to have a co-founder and/or team?

Your choice.  Kick is designed for individuals, as well as teams.  The tuition is per person.


Do I need to have an idea for a company?

Yes.  We expect all participants to have an idea in hand, many of which will change during the course of the program.

Does my company need to be up and running?

No.  We expect most participants to be at the idea-stage or prototype-stage.  An idea that is just in your head or just on paper is sufficient.  So is a project that has launched a proof-of-concept or a beta test.  If you are already earning revenues, please contact Fledge instead.

Does my company need to be incorporated?

No.  There is no need for that step.  If you need help with that when the times comes, we can introduce you to a plethora of lawyers to help.


What does the program cost?

Each local Kick program is different, check your local program.

The most common model is to charge a tuition, but within the program to teach you how to run a crowdfunding campaign, to repay that tuition and raise some startup capital.  Or skip all that and start selling your product or service to customers, making revenues.

Why crowdfund the tuition?

(In most cities) Everyone who applies to Kick is accepted.  We do not choose who can participate.  But, we do want to ensure that you are serious about your idea.  To do that, as proof of sincerity, and as proof of viability, we ask you to convince at least 10 supporters to donate toward your entrepreneurial efforts.  A true “wisdom of the crowd!”

Can I raise more than the tuition?

Yes.  You are welcome to raise as much as you can raise.  Any funds in excess to the tuition are yours to keep (minus the fees charged by StartSomeGood).

What if more than one member of a team is attending?

The tuition is per-person.  If you have a team of 3 or more, talk to your local director after you apply.  Many cities provide a discount for the second and subsequent team members.

What if I can’t afford the tuition?

Contact us with details and we’ll work out something.


What should I expect to get out of Kick?

Kick expects to help accelerate each participant’s business or organization.  For most of you, that will be taking a rough idea, finding a viable path forward, and with some effort, a first-draft business plan.  For some of you, the end result will be a product or service in the market, with actual customers.  And for a few of you, that business will have paying customers and actual revenue.

No matter the final result, everyone who participates in Kick will come away with a good understanding of what it takes to create and execute a business plan.

If not Kick, then What?

I have a product or service in the market.  Should I apply to Kick?

If you are earning revenues, and have a business plan in hand to grow your business, then Kick is probably not the right program for you.  If you are still struggling with finding the right customers or the right mix of services for those customers, then Kick might be of help.  Contact us and tell us your story before you apply.

I travel a lot.  Should I apply to Kick?

If you can not be at Kick for most of the program, especially the first few and last few sessions, then Kick is likely not going to work for you.  It takes momentum to get through the process from idea to startup reality, and if you can’t dedicate the time to get that done, then it’s not likely to get done.  But if you insist you can pull it off, contactus and tell us how you’ll manage.

I’ve applied to other business incubators or accelerators.  Should I apply to Kick?

If you’ve applied to the many other business incubators and accelerators, and are waiting to get accepted, then yes, please apply and attend Kick, and we’ll help you get the most from those incubator/accelerators when they come calling.

I’m already working on my business every day.  Should I apply to Kick?

If you do not have a strong team of advisors, keep running into hurdles, or simply want to increase your chances of success, then yes, Kick will help.