Crypterium (CRPT) ICO Review – Mobile Cryptocurrency Bank

It is believed that the economy of cryptocurrency will be worth some $10 trillion within the next few years. This has given rise to the need for cryptobanks in which the decentralized economical future of the world can be properly managed. Mainly, there is a need for better payment possibilities so that cryptocurrencies can be used in a greater variety of ways and places. One company leading the way in this is Crypterium (CRPT), who wants to offer a global operation to some 200,000,000 prospective clients. They claim that they have been able to reduce transaction costs eight-fold and increase the transaction speed 100 times. Essentially, they focus on vertical services, whereby cryptocurrencies and blockchain lovers can come together.

Project Overview

CRPT wants to develop a type of digital cryptobank that is fully open source and delivers a banking experience that can be used by people all over the world, using blockchain technology. The bank will offer the ability to store cryptocurrency, and also to spend it, exchange it, and even to borrow against it. In addition to that, they want to offer an exchange service between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, making it easier to spend such assets in the real world. All of this is possible through a mobile app that allows contactless and cashless payments at purpose-built POS (point of sale) terminals.

In a sense, Crypterium is a type of bank in the same way as Bankera and the Change Bank, but it offers more. Because it allows for crypto to fiat exchanges, it is also more like UTRUST, Shift Card, and TenX. They have held two rounds of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) through which they have raised $8 million. In 2013, they held round A of their ICO to raise money for contactless payment. In 2015, the held round B to raise money for daily payment technology.

Investment Potential

Crypterium sets itself apart through the creation of a subtoken. What this means is that anyone who uses the Crypterium System can use CRED tokens for anonymous loan interactions and more. It offers smart contracts so that CRED tokens can be exchanged into a cryptocurrency, that can then be used. At the end of the loan term, you purchase new CRED tokens to pay it off. According to Crypterium, this will help to reduce the overall volatility of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, because the loan has to be paid back using CRED, it will ensure that demand and liquidity in these tokens will remain. It is a very cool and unique concept that is attracting a lot of attention.

The ICO enabled Crypterium to distribute their main tokens. The sale started on October 31, 2017 and was completed on December 25, 2017. Between December 26, 2017 and January 13, 2018, it was still possible to purchase more tokens, but no bonus could be offered. ICO participants will be able to access 70% of the full ICO distribution, which initially enabled participants to purchase a maximum of one million tokens. Out of the remaining 30%, 15% is deferred to support development, and it will gradually be released. The final 15% was given to the founding members, the management team, the advisors, the partners, and the marketing team. This allocation was completed between January 14, 2018 and January 25, 2018. All unsold tokens were then destroyed.

Currently, Crypterium is listing for exchanges, which they will continue to do throughout March 2018 as well. The platform offers a number of clear incentives, mainly because 30% of the revenue is given to the most active users. In other words, anyone who spends money using a cryptocurrency will also be rewarded.


The CRPT team is made up of:

  • Co-founder and managing director Steven Polyak, an experienced investment banker
  • Co-founder and IR director Austin Kimm, an international strategist
  • Co-founder and COO Gleb Markov, who has over 10 years of experience in cryptocurrency, banking, and the fintech industry.
  • Co-founder and CCO Vladimir Gorbunov, a serial entrepreneur that continuously aims to use technology to simplify the world

Additionally, the company has a very strong advisory board. All in all, some 20 people make up the team. All of them have extensive experience in the financial markets, digital payments, and cryptocurrencies.


  • Once fully developed, people will be able to access a variety of cryptocurrencies. Many other options only offer Bitcoin or Ethereum, but CRPT aims to go beyond that.
  • CRPT wants to bring in the Asian market, using them to develop their own software. In many Asian countries, the only currency that is accepted is cash. If CRPT is successful in what they want to do there, they could potentially change the world.
  • The team is made up of people with a wealth of experience in the industry and in setting up successful new companies. They know what works and what doesn’t, and if people like Polyak, Ki, Markov, and Gorbunov put their names to a new venture, it is almost guaranteed to be successful.

Risk and Concerns

  • The platform is one of the newest out there, so it is hard to tell what will happen with it in the future. That said, it has met all of its original goals, so things seem to be on track.
  • The platform will be a kind of bank, which makes people worried that perhaps there will be some sort of centralization happening, which is precisely what cryptocurrencies have always aimed to avoid.


Overall, Crypterium seems to be a solid, creditable company that truly aims to offer something new to the market. It is looking very promising and many people expect it to be highly successful. The ICO was completed very well, meeting and exceeding expectations. There is always a certain degree of risk involved with all financial investment methods, particularly with cryptocurrencies because they are still not widely accepted. However, Crypterium claims that their system will help reduce that volatility. Furthermore, they will accept all forms of crypto and they are focused on helping communities that accept cash only to develop more options and introduce them to digital technology. It is highly likely that Crypterium, with its fantastic team, will do very well.