Cindicator ICO Review – Trading Intelligence Platform

More and more people are becoming interested in cryptocurrency and its integration into mainstream society. To assist with this, various ICO (Initial Coin Offering) activities have taken place, one of which is the Cindicator ICO. Their aim is to create a platform for financial management in which “hybrid intelligence” is the key. This means that they want to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in order to bring together the collective knowledge of financial experts and forecasters, creating trading signals.

Project Overview

Cindicator, as stated, focuses on using hybrid intelligence to help people manage their assets. What this means is that they have developed trading algorithms and robots that can be used by institutional investors and hedge funds in a unique way. Their AI robots gather intelligence from different sources and analysts, using this to develop accurate data points and signals for stock transactions.

Cindicator was founded in 2015. In August 2017, they were able to raise half a million dollars in seed funding. The ICO took place between September 12, 2017 and October 12, 2017. They also developed an Android and iOS app for its users, which features the various basic trading signals. What sets it apart from others is that it doesn’t just offer cryptocurrency market predictions, although that is its main goal.

Mainly, since September 12, 2017, the company has aimed to bring together the wisdom of the crowd with AI, using algorithms to make predictions about the movement of assets like cryptocurrency. While this value isn’t based solely on technical signals, the prediction system is becoming increasingly smart thanks to the cooperation of the crowd, made up of various financial analysts. This is why it is called “hybrid intelligence”, because it brings together human and AI knowledge.

Key features offered by Cindicator include:

  • The ability to effectively and safely manage capital
  • The ability to monetize on intellectual assets in a risk-free environment
  • Data and tools to help make decisions when the market is uncertain
  • Industry analytics, such as market growth points, opportunities, and expectations
  • Ratings and indexes of cryptos

Cindicator has done what others have been thinking of since November 2014, when the idea of managing assets through hybrid intelligence was first considered. By December 2015, the first intelligent platform became available. Cindicator has worked on developing various accelerator programs and, in 2016, they joined Microsoft BizSpark. By March 2017, the company was listed at the Moscow Stock Exchange accelerator as Top-1 Startup.

Investment Potential

Cindicator offers tokens, like other ICOs. They have capped their hard funding at $15 million. One token, which is known as the CND token is ERC20 compliant (Ethereum). It can be purchased with BTC, ETC, ETH, and LTC, with the value of one CND in fiat currency being $0.01. During the sale, 75% of the total supply was distributed. The company kept 20% for further development, while 3% was retained for the company’s partners and advisors, 1% for the bounty, and 0.2% for current forecasters.

When tested, the annual return offered by Cindicator was 47%, which is huge. It is the only platform, therefore, that doesn’t just promise huge returns, but that actually delivers on that as well. One experiment was launched on the MOEX (Moscow Exchange) in January last year, working with a group of people, 60% of whom had experience in investing and the other 40% did not. Based on the information provided, there was a 3% month on month return, and a 26% ROI (return on investments) for the year.


The team at Cindicator is made up of:

  • Co-founder and CEO Mike Brusov. Known as a serial entrepreneur, he was Between Digital’s Head of Mobile Programmatic Products and he also co-founded Wobot.
  • Co-founder and CTO Yuri Lobyntsev. Like Brusov, he is a serial entrepreneur. He has been the CEO of both Octabrain and Oumobile.
  • Co-founder and COO Artem Baranov. Before this, he was also employed as a COO for Crimson Jackets and then Octabrain, where he met Lobyntsev.

The full team is made up of another eight people. All 11 have a lot of experience in their own fields and essentially work in synergy with each other, just like their platform. Additionally, they have a number of strong advisors on board, including:

  • Bitcoin Foundations’ founding member and Jaxx’ Director of Business and Community Development Charlie Shrem
  • Jaxx’ CEO and founder Anthony Diiorio
  • The Gibraltar Stock Exchange’s chairman Marcus Killick
  • Waves Platform founder Alexander Ivanov


  • The program comes with a $15 million hard cap, which is quite low for this type of project. It means the downside is also very limited.
  • Cindicator has gained the attention of various institutional investors, which means that those investors have done their due diligence.
  • The project has been in the development stages for some time, attracting some 10,000 users. Additionally, the crowdsale received contributions from two big clients, who have already agreed to become Cindicator clients.
  • Thanks to the Cindicator hybrid AI technology, the impact of speculation and emotion in cryptocurrencies will be greatly reduced.
  • The token system encourages people to make accurate predictions.

Risk and Concerns

  • Cindicator does not have a singular focus, working both on fiat and crypto. This could be quite conflicting.
  • Cindicator is not unique anymore. Coindash, Santiment, Enigma, and Numerai all have similar programs in place, but with a higher market cap.


Overall, the Cindicator program is a very interesting hybrid platform in which technical analysis is brought together with the crowd’s wisdom, using a complex and unique algorithm. By putting these two together, it is possible to gain a great deal in the world of investments. Of particular interest is seeing how well Cindicator did during its pilot testing, with returns of 26% within a year, or 3% per month. This is proof that the system really works. It is true that the system and the platform are not completely unique, but they are different from others that are already out there. Overall, the fact that they have already attracted major attention and some major clients is a clear indicator of the fact that this platform is likely to be highly successful.